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  • Agenda | 2022 National Black & Latino Economic Summit

    2023 NATIONAL BLACK & LATINO ECONOMIC$ SUMMIT Capital & Solutions to Battle the Rising Racial Wealth Gap AUGUST 23-25 | GRAND HYATT TAMPA BAY Tentative Event Schedule As of April 30, 2023. Times are subject to change with notice. Tuesday 8/22 Wednesday 8/23 Thursday 8/24 Friday 8/25 Saturday 8/26 Registration Open 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM When you arrive at the hotel, please check in at the registration table to receive your Welcome Package and Summit materials. For fa ster checking, have your Whova App installed on your mobile device. If you received a flight scholarshi p, please bring your flight receipt (physical or electronic) so we may begin processing your reimbursement. (Please Note. Reimbursements can take up to 30 days for distribution). Opening Session 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM The official opening of the 2023 National Black and Latino Economic$ Summit! The Summit will open with prayer and follow up with a special introduction from the Summit Co-Chairs. The Summit agenda will be reviewed and event logistics will be shared. Banks will have an opportunity to share racially inclusive capital access programs in affordable housing, home ownership and small business. We will close out the opening session with a dynamic keynote speaker. Luncheon & Bank Spotlights 12 :00 Noon - 2:00 PM Workshop Block A 2:00 - 3:30 PM Workshop Block B 3 :3 0 - 5 :00 P M Host City Welcome Dinner 6:00 - 8:00 PM

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  • Sessions Slides & Recordings | 2022 National Black & Latino Economic Summit

    SLIDE DECKS & VIDEO RECORDINGS Session We held a variety of sessions facilitated by dynamic, knowledgeable speakers and panels and we are sharing it all with you! All session slide decks have been provided you to view with your organizations or individually. Thanks to our sponsors we could provide this summit 100% free which means the information is free to you as well. Looking for a specific topic or Session? Read More STRATEGIES THAT WORK: INCREASING YOUR ORGANIZATION'S SINGLE-FAMILY AFFORDABLE HOUSING DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS It is challenging, but not impossible for organizations supporting Black & Latino homeownership to compete with private investors and rising gentrification. This panel highlights promising practices to acquire, rehab, and preserve affordable and attainable housing for minority communities. Topics include: (1) Real solutions that are working across the country and (2) How to choose and work with different types of investors. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More SINGLE-FAMILY AFFORDABLE HOUSING CONSTRUCTION LINES OF CREDIT FORUM Bankers, Black & Latino Community Leaders and audience members discuss Preparing Your Organization to Request A Bank Construction Line of Credit and Preparing Your Organization to Request A Bank Construction Line of Credit: Best LOC for your needs Examples of effective LOCs Understanding your financial statements What information is required Propoerty Development Schedule Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More SMALL BUSINESS: ACCESS TO CREDIT 101 This session will explore several ways to establish business credit, what lenders look for, and the borrowing process. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More ACCESS TO CAPITAL & ORGANIZATIONAL BEST PRACTICES FROM SUCCESSFUL MINORITY AFFORDABLE HOUSING DEVELOPER & NOT-FOR-PROFITS Single-Family affordable housing developers from various markets across the U.S. discuss successful and profitable affordable housing development best practices to include, but not limited to: financial models, construction models, productive housing partnerships, construction capital strategies and access to housing/lot inventories. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More RACIAL ECONOMIC INCLUSIONS & THE COMMUNITY REINVESTMENT ACT The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA) was enacted by Congress to address the lack of racial economic inclusion within the banking industry and to ensure that banks meet the capital needs of the communities they do business in. The recent Pandemic exposed a monumental economic fault line between white and Black/Latino communities, families and businesses. Blacks and Latinos economically suffered at twice the rate of whites. This session will highlight Baltimore CRA where Black & Latino leaders have come together to meet with the top 11 banks in Baltimore to address racial economic inclusion within these banks that includes calling on banks to provide racially relevant capital. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More SMALL BUSINESS FINANCING 201: SUPPLIER DIVERSITY PROGRAMS Learn how Supplier Diversity programs are structured, how they can strengthen diverse communities, and most of all, how your small or diverse business can access them. Now more than ever, there are growing demands on corporations to demonstrate ethical compliance and social responsibility. This session will demystify the WMBE Certification process and how to your certification can grow your business. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More AUCTION.COM: OPENING THE DOOR TO OPPORTUNITY Join us on a journey to learn why transparency in distressed asset disposition is a win for investors and a win for banks and servicers. We will share the evolution of our auction philosophy, current programs that are redefining how the industry views disposition and challenge the misconception of who buys distressed real estate. Hear our thoughts on where the market is heading and how non-profits and development-minded investors can leverage our platform to help stabilize neighborhoods and drive change. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More BLACK & LATINO SMALL BUSINESS ACCESS TO CAPITAL: DEBIT & EQUITY FORUM Black & Latino small business organization leaders from across the U.S., key banks and audience members engage in a candid discussion on capital solutions that work to address the lack of access to capital that is hampering critical economic growth in predominate Black & Latino communities. This session will review successful debt and equity capital solutions targeting Black & Latino small businesses and new bank capital initiatives targeting increased access to capital for minority small businesses. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More PURCHASE/REHAB LOAN PRODUCTS THAT MAXIMIZE BLACK & LATINO HOME EQUITY Community housing experts, bankers and housing industry professionals come together to provide the audience with an overview of home/rehab loan products that are beneficial for Black & Latino home buyers. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More BLACK TO BASICS: BUILDING PROFITABLE AFFORDABLE HOUSING USING A MARKET-BASED/PRFOIT OREINTED MODEL Building income for nonprofits is crucial to build a path towards self-sufficiency. This summit session will focus on how FMCRC/The Housing Pros is able to build profitable affordable housing that is driven by the market and profit and not reliant on government funding. This session will also explore how developers in Detroit and Maryland are also build profitable affordable housing for black and brown communities.Information about some unique construction financing resources from EnerBank USA will also be shared and discussed. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More STRONGER TOGETHER KC: A SOLUTION-DRIVEN COMMUNITY-BASED PROGRAM, TO PREPARE SMALL BUSINESS FOR GROWTH & SUCCESS Join us to learn how to bring community organizations together to create a network of support designed to position minority-owned businesses for growth and success. Access to capital, technical assistance, guidance coaches, and other supportive services are made available to minority-owned businesses located in distressed tracks under one umbrella program – Stronger Together KC. During this session, you will receive tips on how to implement this collaborative approach to supporting the minority economic ecosystem in your city. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More SOLUTIONS TO ADDRESS RACIAL BIAS IN THE HOME APPRAISAL PROCESS: INCREASING BLACK & LATINO WEALTH THROUGH IMPROVED HOME APPRAISALS The Racial Wealth Gap is driven by lack of Black & Latino home equity and racial appraisal bias is contributing to the widening of the Racial Wealth Gap. Studies are consistently showing evidence that Black & Latino home owners and neighborhoods are receiving significantly lower home appraisals compared to white home owners that is resulting in the minimizing of Black & Latino wealth and ability to buy up. This session will convene housing and appraisal experts to review the racial bias on appraisals and solutions to combat this appraisal bias that builds up Black & Latino home equity and wealth. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More ACCESS TO CAPITAL AND IMPROVING COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS (CDFIs) CDFI’s were developed to take risk and become a critical capital intermediary for both small businesses and affordable housing development. But the lack of capital (debt & equity), extensive overhead, high cost of capital and arduous underwriting process has resulted in CDFIs having marginal capital impact for Black & Latino businesses and affordable housing developers. This session brings together CDFI professionals, key banks (regional and national), small business organizations, affordable housing developers and audience members to discuss these obstacles and solutions that will result in significantly increasing the amount of loans to Black & Latino small businesses and affordable housing developers. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session Read More VENTURE CAPITAL EXPLAINED: SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC IMPACTS FOR THE NEW MAJORITY The funding gap for diverse-founded startups continues to widen despite the proclaimed growth and success from institutions. Join us in a discussion aimed to address the challenges in accessing capital, understanding venture capitalists, and creating business models that support diverse communities. You will leave this session with resources on how to position your nonprofit, fund or business for growth and success. Download Slide Deck Rate this Session

  • Annual National Black & Latino Economic Summit

    2023 NATIONAL BLACK & LATINO ECONOMIC$ SUMMIT Capital & Solutions to Battle the Rising Racial Wealth Gap AUGUST 23-25, 2023 | TAMPA, FL For over 15 years, the National Minority Community Reinvestment Co-Operative (NMCRC) along with Black & Latino community development leaders, have joined forces with major corporate bank sponsors to host an Annual National Black & Latino Economic Summit. ​ We have a mission to address the racial wealth gap by developing solutions to build Black and Latino community development intellectual bandwidth through affordable housing & small business ownership. Attendees can network with over 200 nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and small businesses, as well as top bank and corporate executives over various interactive sessions and events. REGISTRATION IS OPEN ! 2023 Summit Details Register Now! WHAT ATTENDEES ARE SAYING "The conference exceeded my expectations. Though it was my first time, I'm looking forward to more events to come." JOIN THE MAILING LIST DON'T MISS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN US IN 2023! The 2023 Nation Black & Latino Economic$ Summit will be held August 23-25 in Tampa, FL with even more opportunities to access capital, build community, and develop strategies to close the racial wealth gap. Registration for the 2023 summit opens soon, so make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list to receive updates and announcements. DYNAMIC SPEAKERS 2022 SPEAKERS SOLUTION-BASED SESSIONS 2022 SESSION RECAP LASTING CONNECTIONS 2022 PICTURES & MEDIA HONORING THE LEGACY OF OUR LATE-FOUNDER Albert Piña Even though Al's swift transition on May 17, 2022, was unexpected, he has left a blueprint for us all to follow as we continue to seek economic justice for Black and Latino communities. Join us for an opportunity to memorialize the National Black and Latino Summit Founder, Albert Piña. Read More GET READY FOR 2023! From virtual summits to holding in-person conferences, NMCRC is ready to do it again in 2023! Our 2022 Summit was such a huge success — we were able to invite over 200 non-profit organizations and small business at no charge and cover their travel expenses. Now we are looking forward to even bigger and better opportunities to close the racial wealth gap! Registration opens in April. First Name Email Subscribe Thanks for subscribing! Subscribe for 2023

  • Agenda | 2022 National Black & Latino Economic Summit


  • 2022 Summit Survey | NMCRC

    POST-SUMMIT FOLLOW UP FEEDBACK FORM Thank you for taking the time to complete our 2-minute survey to provide feedback on how the connections you made at the summit have impacted the growth of your small business or non-profit. This form will not retain your email address or any other contact information — all responses will remain anonymous. 1. Which best identifes you? Select an Option arrow&v 2-A. Since the 2022 NBLES, have you or your organization utilized the loan products, resources or services discussed in the sessions? Check all that apply. Business Loan Home/Rehab Loan Business Credit Equity Capital Venture Capital Line of Credit (Business or Construction) Funding Resource Other I did not utilize any products, resources or services Other (Please Specify) 2-B. If so, how much money have you been able to access? 3-A. How many useful connections did you make with other attendees in your industry that positively impacted the growth of your small business or non-profit organization? Select an Option arrow&v 3-B. Select the bank(s) you made connections with. Check all that apply. Flagstar Regions/EnerBankUSA US Bank JP Morgan Chase & Co. PNC Truist Bank of America Huntington M&T Bank TD Bank First Merchants Bank Wells Fargo BMO Harris Bank Woodforest National Bank 4. Is there anything that would help you make better connections with banks or other attendees during the upcoming NBLES? Send Feedback

  • Attendee Photos | 2022 National Black & Latino Economic Summit

    SESSIONS, NETWORKING & CONNECTION Media We are happy to share the photos and video we took over our 3-day summit. Our attendees also shared pictures and videos through the official conference app — Whova, and some fun Gala Photobooth poses. Like, Do wnload & Share with your network! MEDIA GALLERIES Tribute Video Summit Photos Gala Photobooth Attendee Photos

  • Aftercare Sessions | NMCRC

    Aftercare Sessions for this Region are not yet available. Please come back later. Take me back to the 2022 Summit Recap

  • Al Pina Legacy | NMCRC

    View Arrangment Details Share Condolenses with the Family Back to CELEBRATING THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF It is with great sorrow that we share the passing of our beloved economic justice leader and a great champion of change. ​ Even though Al's swift transition on May 17, 2022, was unexpected, he has left a blueprint for us all to follow as we continue to be about seeking economic justice for Black and Latino Communities! His most recent labor of love was the upcoming national summit, to be held in Clearwater, Florida. We commit to you that the summit will happen in August and it will be done in honor of our great leader and friend, Al Piña. More details will follow soon. Please keep the Piña family in your thought and prayers during this difficult time. ​ - 2022 National Black & Latino Economic Summit Co-Chairs & NMCRC Members Share Condolenses Al Piña SUNRISE: MAY 10, 1959 SUNSET: MAY 17, 2022 Arrangements Summit Memorial Program 2022 National Black & Latino Economic Summit Wednesday, August 17, 2022 Download the Memorial Program Funeral Arrangements DATE: SERVICE: LOCATION: Friday, May 27, 2022 4:00 PM Click here to watch the Service Live Streamed on YouTube Blount & Curry Funeral Home 605 S. Macdill Avenue Tampa, Florida 33609 (813) 876-2421 Donate to St. Joseph's Download the Obituary Donate to Shriners Hospital In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that you make a donation in Al Piña's name to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital or Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa, FL. Cards and Condolences can be sent directly to the funeral home. Condoleces Condolences It is with deep sorrow that I bring condolences to all of you who loved and followed the dreams and aspirations of Al Pina. I was grief-stricken when I read the news just lately after seeing Al in March 2022. I will miss his leadership and enthusiasm. Carry on the Dream and Vision. Deborah K. Thompson Al Piña developed relationships with various people and organizations across the nation, so if you would like to share condolences with the friends and family of Al Piña, please send us an email and we will post it on the site. Send an Email

  • Contact | National Black & Latino Economic Summit

    Get in Touch What to know more about NMCRC, have questions, comments or concerns? Reach out to us and a representative will respond back to you within 48-72 hours. Email Social Media First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for your message.

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